Thursday, October 9


Fall is in the air. My roses are blooming off the hook! Huge blooms of color on ever plant. There are still bees busy working.

I am one of them. I started a painting yesterday. This time on a flat surface with oil paint. The last painting was on a round surface with egg tempera. It is kind of making me paint weird. Painting in an egg tempera method with oil paint. Painting on a flat board after a globe reminds me of a game we played as kids, called airplane.
A big kid would hold your ankle in one hand and wrist in the other then spin in a circle. Till you spun in the air like an airplane. Then let would tumble across the lawn, [this was also how we played Statues, where after you landed you had to freeze in a pose and when you were tapped had to 'come to life' and act out whatever your statue was] , try walking after that...that is what painting on the flat surface feels like after a globe.

Lately really good people I know have been popping up in my life like flowers blooming in October. Giving me good advice, encouragement and showing me the colors I have been missing. So thank you to the people who tell dumb jokes, and teach with love, to those who lead by example and do things that inspire me, because I am too lame to do them myself! You make me feel like maybe, just maybe.....
well...we don't need to get that sappy around here!
But, you have all made it easier for me to push Onward....


Anonymous said...

beautiful - yellow roses are my favourite - this is lovely

Anonymous said...

thanks you! We miss you, hope to see you soon!