Friday, October 17

a new hole

a new hole
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Today is a special Frankenstein Friday...because it is my birthday tomorrow and also Frankenstein honorary birthday. We know he was born in Oct, just not the date. He is 2 years old and I am a lot older than that!

We actually shot 3 other videos of him digging this hole. But they were too long to post. He went on to dig a huge hole and almost pulled down the entire tomato plant. He was so tired out by that time I had to pick him up and take him in the house!

Happy Birthday Frankenstein!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tracey Love Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...


NYC BY STYLE said...

Hello Tracey,
Couldn't find your email address in my address here it is....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
Nancy Wendel

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Nancy!!!...wish I could be there, cheers!

Purl Scout said...

happy birthday, tracey & frankenstein! lots of hugs and kisses and pats and treats from all of us in browntown.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Browntown's..from the Chug and I!