Monday, July 14

Sisterhood of the healing pants...

The other day I was browsing the new Nordstrom's catalog in our library. By Library I mean bathroom. But what I saw when I flipped to page 34, almost made me fall off the pot! In the first frame the model is in a wheel chair, in the second she is standing! I am still bending my mind trying to figure this out. Sure the pirate shirt looks fetching un-tucked when you are in your wheel chair, but once you regain your ability to stand, you should tuck? I got it, maybe, they are saying these jeans aren't so pretty, however if you happen to be in a wheel chair, you can cover the top with your pirate shirt and sit on the bedazzled butt designs, thus concealing it's fug. I am leaning towards the healing power theory. I am thinking if you look closely at the back pocket, long enough, the face of the baby Jesus will appear. I am so confused, any ideas?

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