Monday, July 14

Fishing front of boat

Fishing front of boat
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Another of our day trips was a fishing trip. We chartered a boat, and guide on the Chickahomeny River. I usually leave the fishing to the man, it starts too damn early for me. But it was worth getting up for, I had a blast! Our guide Eddie made sure I got to catch lots of fish. In fact he made sure I caught the biggest fish! But honestly I liked just being on the boat and watching the Beavers swim by and Osprey feed their young, up in nest made of logs not twigs, almost as much as pulling in the Large Mouth Bass.
Eddie kept saying hold it up higher. I tried. I really tried and I even managed to smile too, during our trophy shot, photo session, on the back of the boat. I had a hell of a time holding onto the fish. I dropped them a few times. It was horrifying! Kevin finally had to hold the biggest fish for the photos. Needless to say it was a huge relief, once the fish were all back in the water and swam away!

Again, you can see the entire set of: our fishing trip, by clicking on the boat photo.

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