Monday, July 14

getting ready for a drive

getting ready for a drive
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Mr. Eleven and I have a saying: It is a nice day for a drive. We say it almost every time we get in the car. On this day of our stay-cation we drove out to the green house and got some new plants and new fish. I took photos from the car along the way. As you can see, it was a nice day for a drive.
When we moved here 2 years ago we had 9 fish in the pond. I noticed that there were only 5 fish left, not long ago. The fish just vanish. We have been told it is most likely a Heron. But I have never seen this super stealth Heron in my yard. In any case, we picked out 2 cat fish. They are a deep dark blue and look more like shadows then fish. We got 2 small Koi, both yellow. They are really pretty and feisty! We also got one that is the same size as our remaining fish, only it is orange and white.
Every time I go in the yard I first visit the pond and count the fish. So far all fish are accounted for and doing well!

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