Friday, June 20

This is not a Frankestein Friday post...

We are waiting for some video clips to process..hopefully they will. We got 2 really cute ones, we hope to share. For now, here is Frankenstein with his newest toy. Mr. Eleven got him this chipmunk this past weekend. It has been kind of tough for Frankenstein lately. The baby bunny's are kind of slow and trusting. They just wont run and hide when we go in the yard. Each time we go out, I pick up the pup, carry him into the yard, all the while yelling, here we come, run and hide! Once the yard is clear Frankenstein can go about his yard biz.
Mr. Chipmunk has replaced Mr. Snake as the number one toy.

**Update, I just read that it may take days to get the videos processed! Man that sucks! I am willing to wait. But am really bummed out about this. I may have to call this Frankenstein Friday after all.

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