Monday, June 16

bee and flower

I saw the architect who presented this idea, on the Colbert Report the other day. Pretty neat, check it out.
Things are taking forever to post today. I had a longer clip of a bee pollinating our Echinacea flower. But it wouldn't post. This short one will have to do.

I was just out in the yard and a baby bunny came hopping out from behind the big sod dog-dog house. It hopped right up to me, about 3 feet away. It looked at me with it's big dark Disney eyes. Then it hoped up to a squirrel and touched noses...just too cute. Needless to say Frankenstein is on lock down. He isn't allowed in the yard, till the bunny is grown and off at college! OK, I might let him out... but only once I clear the yard by going out first, banging on a pot and yelling till every critter can run and find a safe place.

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