Wednesday, January 30

What is in the funny papers, Wednesday

These are the last 3 panels from Midsummer Day Dreams by Windsor M'cay 1911. Basically, in the preceding 6 panels the man drowns on and the women keeps seeing dogs run under the table and finally this huge one climbs on it. I don't know why this one appeals to me so much. But I do know my mind starts to wander when Mr. Eleven starts talking about computer or guitar issues. I assume this was a long running comic. But I only have this one panel. I wonder if her daydreams were always of dogs? Somehow, sleep deprivation induced hallucination's seem romantic to me. Maybe, on the other hand, she had a good nights sleep and he is just a boring wanker. I mean in 1911, 100 bucks a week seems like a lot to live on, blah blah blah..I am starting to see puppies too!

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