Monday, January 28

A Man for Monday

Joseph Beuys is one of my favorite artists. This image of him is from his, performance: How to Explain painting to a dead hare, 1965. He talked a lot about using non-traditional materials, among other things, to find your true medium/voice. I spent a lot of time trying non traditional things to make art with. Like tar, resin, found objects, building materials. But in the end I found I could express myself best with paint, oil paint. I like the dirty bunnies in the foreground.


Anonymous said...

i love beuys too. i always visit his work when i'm in stuttgart.

Anonymous said...

Nice!..I was there once and also in Berlin I saw a bunch of his work. The air around his pieces changes. They are so powerful! I have been trying to get my hands on some industrial felt, for a base for one of the Globes. It would be nice to bring it all back to Beuys.

Anonymous said...

"to bring it all back to beuys" has a great ring.