Friday, July 17

Frankenstein and his new toy

Frankenstein and his new toy
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Happy Frankenstein Friday!

I have been painting! It is going very well. I hadn't painted since last November. But I have been working on a wood sculpture as well as gardening daily. I believe these things have kept me in good painting shape. As always there is crisis and doubt.. But I believe these things must happen in order for good art to be born.

This Summer has been a good one so far. I have no desire to go away. The things I am doing are where I want to be. Years ago when I worked on an egg farm. The Lady Farmer would tell me, over the clang of the egg machine and the stench and clucking of 2000, chickens, "Tracey you can have your fancy vacations Here is where I want to be, this is my happiness". Well I thought she was nuts! But I get it now.

Frankenstein has a new toy. Each toy gets it's day in the sun, is the favored toy for a while. He marches around the house with it in his mouth and he cries a little. He can't find the right place for it to be and we humans can not be trusted. In the end he will gently place it on his dog bed with the favorites from days gone by. Later when he is very happy after a good meal, he will join them, his favorite things, on his bed. The Chug will roll on his back and stretch out in complete contentment. He wouldn't want to be any place else!


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