Tuesday, July 14


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we had a wonderful day at the pool this weekend. We will be back! It was so nice. Lately I have been loving day-cations and what is better than sipping beers by the pool?! The best part about day-cations is I get to keep being the busy bee I am. Taking care of my animals and gardens, working in the studio and still having the time to just let go, an all inclusive life.

I found one little baby gourd growing on my trellis today! I am so excited. We have tons of tomatoes and peppers as well as some squash growing too. The flowers are buzzing with bees. I have been taking some great Bee portraits. I will post some soon.
In the past I have rarely had time to enjoy a Summer. In fact all of my swimming pool memories are as a life guard not as the lazy slob with no worries in the lounge chair....I kind of like it.
It is a whole new world!

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