Tuesday, December 16

Work work work....is boreing the Chug

I have been super busy pulling things together for my show in Feb. I have a few plates spinning right now: Building, sanding and priming boards to mount the paintings on. Finishing bases for the Globes. Sanding then finishing a Pine log for the half Globe to rest on and a few other smaller projects that just need tweaking.
We finished up the last of our Holiday eating requirements. I swear each year I vow not to succumb to the pressure....but once again I have eaten ridiculous amounts of rich foods and deserts in a short span of time. Last night The Big Head and I took charge and put an end to the madness. We went grocery shopping and got all healthy foods. But as we reached the last few isle of the Super, we kind of lost it and some ice cream and cheese cake found their way into our cart.

We saw some live music this past weekend. Now that is the kind of nutrition I need more of! I loved it! Mutards and El Presidente=rock.

It was 70 outside yesterday so Truman got to roam around the yard.

Frankenstein is board with me. All I do is work and get covered in sawdust...no fun...no Zaz!
Zaz is my new favorite thing and I am using the term as much as possible....so put some, zazzel in your day!...zaz it up!..don't be boring like me.


Purl Scout said...

i just made a batch of cracker candy. yours will be arriving in the next day or so. savor it. pace yourself. who am i kidding? do like i do and rip into it and don't share with anybody! :)

Anonymous said...

...COOL!!...I have been craving it..and even if I give you a hard time about it...there is nothing that will come between me and that yummy goodness! I might share some with TBIH, maybe...

I'll exercise tomorrow, tomorrow...eat candy today!