Thursday, December 18

Ray's boys

My good friend Ray sent me this photo of his boys. Aren't they great?! He rescued both of them at different times, but they look like brothers. I hope to meet them in person some day.

As usual I am a busy little elf. It seems every year at this time I am compelled to make stuff. This year it is just more intense because there is a show at the end of this rainbow. But in years past I have always made things for the people most important to me. Last year I made the Beeman prints. This year I have been getting lots of great photos from friends, like Ray, via email. That help in keeping me connected.

But here is the rub. We have been getting Christmas cards in the mail just about everyday, except for one thing...they are all addressed to the people who used to live here! We got 3 other cards but they are all work related, (so I don't think they count). I am not begging for cards, and I am not sending any this year. I am just wondering if it means any less to folks to get end of the year greetings in their in-box rather than their mail box?

My answer is, I love my e-card and photos and nice little notes my peeps send me...I don't need the cards that I feel too guilty to throw out and end up saving. Yep, I have boxes of old cards. But, getting someone else's sparkly envelops, with fancy writing, letters that are not bills or silly offers, makes me feel so sad. Like Scrooge left behind at the big empty school while all his classmates are riding away in horse draw carriages to warm family holidays. The loneliest girl in the world...or maybe if Scrooge had email he wouldn't have been so grumpy...

In any case, thankfully, I have Ray's boys to cheer me up!

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