Tuesday, September 23

globe update....

Things really came together yesterday on globe 5. The darkness of my own shame (for killing my lovely fish) and world events collided and helped push the focus of the globe to a head. The result is dark and poetic. It is not done yet...but very close. I have a working title for this one: When the Rat Guards the Egg. The elephant is walking on the rat in the top photo, the rat is also laying on the egg (kind of hard to see from the camera angle, but trust me he is guarding that big blue egg).
I am hoping to pull the remaining lose ends together on globe 5 today...
-I have had to slow my roll a bit, so it is a lower case 'onward' today. Seeing as my zeal for pushing forward has led to the senseless death of those in my care...I need to stop, breath a little then proceed with determination and thoughtfulness.

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