Wednesday, January 23

What is in the back yard...

It's the Woodchuckers! The boys are back.
Not long ago I found some termites who had infested a log next to this tree. The tree is about 75 feet tall. It died this past Oct.
The boys are here right now methodically cutting the tree and chipping it. The tree is infested with Pine beetles and termites. From what we have read so far. Termites are everywhere under ground here. They tunnel and find dead wood to devour. After almost losing my puppy. We face, possibly, loosing all our trees home and even my studio! We called the chippers and they gave us a reasonable quote, and started work today. We are going to fight those little buggers!..."as god as my witness!"...ya got to quote Scarlett if you live down here!
I'll post more photos as the tree comes down.

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