Tuesday, August 17

Mickey Mouse ears

Little man with Mickey Mouse ears--also Monkey heads in progress and tape butterfly

Little man in body of Gourd Monkey without his Mickey Mouse ears

my head

A few nights back the dogs started going nuts barking at something in the studio. They were adamant that something was in there or something was out there in the darkness. After waiting out the barking and urgency for a while I reluctantly got up to check out the situation. I found Frankenstein at the window barking at something in the yard. However, Bella was turned in the opposite direction barking at the wall. She was distressed and certain that something was there, something I needed to be protected from. I tried to reassure her but with no luck. I went back to the window and saw nothing in the yard. When I looked at the wall Bella was barking at from my place by the window I saw it!

The light in the front yard was shining upwards through the window and casting a shadow on the wall. I have been wearing my hair up in two knots on my head most of this hot Summer. The way the shadow captured my silhouette made it look like a big Micky Mouse head floating on the wall! Next to Mickey was a giant Bat head--Frankenstein's shadow!

The other day while I was trying to make a little animal to fit under the shell, the little man who lives in the Gourd Monkey is standing on, I made up some Mickey Mouse ears for him to wear. I love the Mickey Mouse ears they are a separate piece and also fit on the tip of the Monkey Bowls tail! Funny how these things happen.

-Oh, and for now the light in the front yard stays off!

Onward Monkeys!

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