Wednesday, June 30


I have to laugh at myself for talking up how I was going to go bold and Pop with my color and then the first thing I do is turn to grey! The Thinking Monkey has already gone through about 5 full paintings. Each time I sand a bit more and build up the color layers. Working with Milk Paint is awesome, however, it does have it's own personality. They all do, Oil, acrylic, Milk each has it's own perks and issues. I am getting to know my new friend Mr. Milk Paint and how he reacts to paper clay.

I do love Milk Paint color and how easy it is to mix the colors. You might think this is a grey monkey but there is pink and blue on the face and the body is varying layers of greens, blues, red and black and white.

I love the surface flatness but that will actually not make it to the finish. The paint will need to be sealed and I am going to use wax. It will still be mat but not so calk like. It kind of bums me out to lose it. But the wax will seal the surface and make the sculpture feel more sold.

I thought I was going to do one coat of paint, a bright color and be done. But isn't that always the way, surprise, its more complicated than that! But that is what I love, making the complicated look simple...or maybe I am making the simple, complicated-


Happy Birthday Mom!

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