Tuesday, May 25

Monkey-Deer and my little helpers

About a month ago I had a dream with a Monkey riding a Horse in it. The next day I began work on the Monkey Horse. But soon I discovered that it wasn't a Horse but a Deer the Monkey was riding. I did find some information about Monkey and the Horse you can check out here and here. It is fun finding these connections and I get a lot of inspiration from them, but I am doing my best to not think too much. I am going on a feeling and the world that surrounds me. I think the Monkey looks and feels a lot like Frankenstein and I identify with the Deer. But again, don't think just work!

The night before last at about 4 AM Frankenstein started barking at something out the window. I got up to investigate and saw 2 deer walking across our lawn. At that hour you can't really see color, so they looked blueish gray. It felt like a sign that I am on the right track-but again, I wont think about it too much.

I wanted to share my studio view today. Truman took a leap onto the bed from her perch and is hanging out there watching me work. Frankenstein joined her, so I have my peanut gallery to cheer me on and I am doing my best to not think and just work.


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