Tuesday, March 9

51 0f 52 weeks

Yowey! Almost there one more self portrait to go. I started this project to fill the void after my one person show. Also to rid myself of that feeling that I can't take a good photo...well I learned something. I leaned, that I can't pull off cute or pretty and the only time I can stand to see myself in a photo is a candid shot or if I am making a face like this one. In fact I think this one is my favorite portrait of the year. Because it is truly showing me today as I am, in my studio seeking balance on my yoga mat with a side of sass.

My friend Judy tackled this subject with a lot more humor a few weeks back. As you can see she is as adverser to posing glam as I. But we are living in the age of phones with cameras and FaceBook profiles, so people have there "Blue Steal" look down pat. Pull out a camera and see how long it takes your friends to strike a pose. To me it is like listening to a song with Autotune--empty.

Having said all that, next week is number 52 of 52 weeks. Since I started this journey with some fun dress up glam shots I think I will end it that way--for symmetry and for fun. Grrrrr!


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