Tuesday, October 6

31/52 weeks

I had a dentist appointment this morning, hence the dental floss. The post card is for Jennifer Holloway Bopst's up coming art show at the Eric Schindler Gallery. The address book/day planner informs me that on the 16th the night of her opening I will be in NYC. The 18th is my birthday and also Frankenstein's Birthday (Observed) and two days after that is the anniversary of Mr.Eleven and I meeting for the first time. I love my desk.

My art adviser used to tell me to look at my pallet to see what was going on in my painting. Is it messy do the colors mix or are they all separate, what is the range of colors tones and values, is it visually pleasing, how well does the pallet reflect what you want to be doing on the canvas? When I look at my desk it is clean and ordered, and highlights what is important to me. Raw wood accented with greens and bright colors that indicate to me, I am on a good path.


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