Tuesday, August 11

23/52 weeks

23/52 weeks
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Art hurts!..yep I got this crazy blister working on my big summer project. Yow! I know Mr. Eleven would tell me to pop it, but he is out of town so I am going to let it be, for now. It is a bit harder today and less throbbie than yesterday.

The project is due real soon, I will put together a step by step pictorial of the entire process from start to finish when it is complete. But as I keep saying, I need to keep it to myself till it is done. Mostly, I am keeping it on the low-down so I can keep my head clear and not worry what others might think...it is a delicate balance. Since this is a new thing of me, I am protecting myself more than I need to with a Painting. But as of today, it is on track and I think going well...I think.
in-any-case....Onward!...blisters and all!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, poor little Tracey girl

Tracey St.Peter said...

thanks dad!