Friday, July 3

Frankenstein Friday

Frankenstein Friday
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Have a lovely weekend everyone!

If you are in RVA, come on down for the ArtWalk, Eric Schindler Satellite Gallery at 8 Broad Street. I helped set up the show and it is a nice grouping of work. I'll try to take some photos. I have 2 of my Globes and 2 paintings in the show.

Happy 4th to all, I think it will be a quiet one for us, I hope...I woke to the sound of fireworks this morn, though it could have been gun shots...Arg!

In other news, I am cranking along in the studio on a cool new project. But I want to keep it to myself till it is done..stay tuned. I am gearing up to start a painting, next week. I have a good idea of how I want it to start...who knows where it will take me. But things are things...good art things.

The garden is full of tomatoes and the gourds are already climbing over the top of the trellis! The Leopard frogs sit by the pond all day and the Lizard has her summer sunning routine all worked out. First she suns on one of the grassy arches, then moves under the tomato plants or large gourd leaves..then as the sun starts to set she moves into the thick Monkey Grass and falls asleep. I take her in when she is groggy and can barely keep her lizard eyes open. Frankenstein, is the mighty chipmunk hunter, though he hasn't got one yet. He is always alert and can chase them out of the yard like no ones biz!


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