Tuesday, June 16

52 weeks 17/52, Tracey Face Tuesday

I broke my one photo a week rule this week, but for a good reason. I framed myself with my dear friend Robin. Well with one of my portraits of her. All last week I tracked her progress across the country as she drove herself and all her belongings in a bald tire, leaky moving van. She gets the hero of the month award! All the best to her!

I have been feeling guilty about neglecting the blog. But rest assured good things are happening...art things. I am allowing myself some slack over the Summer months, working with out documenting it. I can share, that I ordered a new easel and brushes that should arrive any day now. I have taken photos for a new portrait and am busy on a wood project that has captivated my imagination. But that is all I can say for now.

The garden is doing amazingly well. As is our 4 legged hero Frankenstein. Mr. Eleven spends time playing hockey, fishing and making me yummy foods. Truman spends her days roaming the yard, taking dips in the pond and trimming my gourd and tomato plants lower leaves.

Maybe just by admitting I have been slacking will get me to start posting regularly....but maybe, just maybe, it is Summer and this is how it should be.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the most important poject of all, the mobile. I would love to hear about the wood project. I have been involved with wood projects all my life

t said...

hum I wonder who this could be?!...HA!
I am working on the mobile along with the wood project (both still in idea stage)...you should receive some shapes in the mail soon (I am still playing around w/cut paper). I also have the prints on my to-do list...did you read the part about this being summer and cutting me some slack?...
I am doing my best and trying to be laid back about it...as best as a busy bee can.

Anonymous said...

OK, BeeLady you got it. That is an interesting question, why are their Beemen and no Beeladies. It doesn't seem right to me. Anonymous