Tuesday, June 2

15/52 traceyface Tuesday

I keep vowing to use my good camera with good lights but each week I seem to take these grainy shots, with not enough light. I think it shows where I am at. Still trying to get on top of things, chasing always chasing something out of focus, yet something I know so well ...it also indicates a tendency towards spontaneity, taking a shot when it presents itself. In quite a few I frame me with my work...blending together.
I think it is time for me to paint, again.

The painting in this photo is one of my early portrait paintings. It has it's problems, but some good things are happening in it too. Randi was a dog walking client of mine and had a cute little Pit bull mix named Lulu. One day when I arrived at her apt for our daily walk, the door was wide open. In fact there was no door. Then, I saw Randi come running down the hall. It turns out, Lulu started a fire! The knobs to the stove were attached in such a way that she had inadvertently jumped up and rotated a knob from off to on! Since Randi didn't do much cooking she had her mail basket set on top of the stove. Hey, in NY you have to find storage space where you can. So the mail caught on fire and melted the microwave that was inset above it! Luckily the alarm went off, the firemen came and kicked in the door to save the day!..Yay we love Firemen!
Lulu was just a puppy then, she went on to shred a huge rug pad and one couch cushion as well as loving to unroll all the toilet paper between the time Randi left for work and my arrival. I never knew what to expect when I got to her door.
Once when she was all grown up, she bolted out the front door when I opened it. She ran up 2nd ave and across 14th street (a 4 lane busy intersection). I caught up to her at a little park on the other side of 14th St. She leaped into my arms and I carried her all the way back to 9th street sobbing hysterically all the way...Lulu loved the ride home. So you could say Randi and I went though a lot together.

The portraits I did have many layers of connection for me. The whom, how and what I combine them with, all connect to something bigger. I haven't done a portrait since I left NY. I am feeling like it may be time to reconnect with that. Stay tuned....

as always ONWARD!

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