Wednesday, May 6

I saved a Sparrow...

The Sparrow's house in my front yard.

I rescued a sparrow!I saved a Sparrow and thought of you! I saw it get hit by a car and ran into the street to pick it up. He wasn’t smushed, I think he just had the wind knocked out of him. I carried him in my hand, back to my house and Meredith came out to look. (Spyro refused, like a big jerk.) While we were cooing over him, he started to pep up and when I went to bring him to the little triangle park, he just flew out of my hands! I was so excited and happy! Meredith and I just started clapping and hugged!I love the little creatures!

My friend Judy just sent this note to me...and it made me so happy!...I clapped my hands too!
Meredith is a personal super hero to me. One day a few years ago, when I was living in Brooklyn, I was walking one of my dogs. I ran a small dog walking biz in NY for about 10 years. A big cute as anything, Bulldog and I were happily walking up Bedford ave. when this mean drunk guy, walks up and just kicks the dog! I was in shock, but our hero Meredith saw what happened and charged out of the store front she was working at and chased down the drunk guy wrestled him to the ground and put a cigarette out on his chest! To put this in perspective he was at least a foot taller than her and about 100 lbs heavier! So it is no surprise that when a little Sparrow was in need she appeared to lend a hand. Cheers to Judy and Meredith!...Spryo, well sometimes boys just don't get it!
I love the little creatures too Judy!

update: Check out Meridith's comment below. It wasn't a tackle, it was a knee to the groin. She is for sure a super hero!


Mere said...

Judy didn't mention that the first thing I said when she called me was, "do you need me to put it down?".
Judy saved it from going into shock by holding it in her hands for 6 blocks , and letting it get straight. It was so nice to see it fly up to a limb across the street.
On the other account of my animal heroism; I didn't wrestle him to the ground. I kneed him in the groin.
And put out a cigarette on his chest. (wouldn't want anyone thinking I was crazy)
Love, meredith the crazy animal lady.

Judy said...

I love this story so much. For putting a cigarette out in his chest, you, Meredith, are my hero!