Tuesday, March 24

Tracey Face Tuesday is now 52 weeks Tuesday

It is week 5 of my 52 week self portrait project. I have to confess I was sick this past week and didn't spend much time on these. I decided to just do an artist with her work theme. I like to see artist with their work. The painting is called: My Boy, Our Boy It is an intense yellow painting, one of the War Paintings series.

So far I still feel uncomfortable with my own image. I was told by someone who finished a similar project that she now feels at ease in front of a camera. For me so far, it is the opposite. I am horrified by 90% of the photos of my face! I am thinking the name Tracey face is pretty gross too! So lets just change that right now. Tuesday is now, 52 weeks Tuesday.

I feel better already!

Click here for the rest of week 5's images.


Judy said...

The Tracey Face is beautiful. Don't you forget it.

Tracey St.Peter said...

Does that mean you are up for a 52 weeks self portrait project too?...WHO'S THE PRETTY GIRL?!

Judy Face is Beautiful even when slathered in bleach!..you make me so happy!