Friday, February 20

Onward...oh yes..onward to Zoetropes!

It has been a week since WORLD BALL opened. It is time for me to switch direction. So I have been hiding in a safe place... the land of: Cleaning and Organizing. Right now it looks like a mess, but I am re organizing our Laundry/tool room. The people who lived her before us left me all sorts of neat things. Like the wire I made the Wire Bee-man drawings from. I have been finding all sorts of nifty gadget bits and pieces. I am placing them all in one box and it has a label: Tracey's Zoetrope.
Originally I wanted to make a Zoetrope for WORLD BALL. But I thought I would need a carpenter to help me. Then I ended up doing most of the carpentry by myself (except for the important first cuts: Shout-out to Jarvis!). Being all empower with carpentry skills, now I am ready to begin the Great Zoetrope Project!


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