Monday, January 5

outside the invisible fence...

About a week ago we had a few 60 degree days. I am longing to work on my gardens, I took the opportunity to take down the fence that surrounds the back garden. Apparently the first owners of the house, put the fence up to coral kids. They ran a day care out of this house. It only serves to limit our space so it had to come down. I still need to dig out the posts, but I got a good start on it, so far.

At one point I had the fence down except for the gate. You can see the gate leaning against the back fence, the 2 post in the foreground were where the gate originally was. Frankenstein ran up to the gate and started to cry for me to open it so he could come in. Except that he could just walk around it, since the fence was now down! His little Chug brain was still stuck on what was. What once obstructed his path, not the reality of what is. It was so cute!

Also a valuable lesson! If I have any type of resolution for the new year, it is: to not get stuck behind fences that no longer exist...or gates to nowhere...or something like that.

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