Monday, December 22

My favorite Raptor

We have been seeing this guy just about everyday. He hangs out in our yard and we see him on the next block in the mornings on our walk. Sometimes he sits high up in a tree or on top of a telephone pole. One day he was just 5 feet from Frankenstein and I, sitting on someones mailbox. I say hello and ask him to please not eat the Chug.
This morn he was sitting on the log thingy I made for Truman our lizard to sun on. Later I found a mass of downy feathers in that spot. Usually we get a warning from a group of big black crows who chase the raptors away and warn all the birds one is hunting. Once he has eaten one the the birds who come to feed, the other birds will come right up to him. They all go back to feeding as if he didn't just devour one of their own. It is just business or lunch in this case.
You can tell it was a cold day, by how fluffy he is. Gorgeous!

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