Monday, December 1

even moe loot....

These are all by my mom, Sophia Myers. When I was a kid she painted, but in recent year she has shifted to clay.
I love these tiles, pigs and roosters. We hope to incorporate them into a back splash in our kitchen some day. She has a lot of them. I am encouraging her to open an Etsy shop. When she does, I can post a link.
I love this guy. It just dawned on me he looks an awful lot like that groundhog that lifted his eye brow, in the that clip everyone was posting a while back! She has all sorts of animal sculptures. My fav was a Bull dog, he is super heavy and feels like my old friend Humbert (a dog I walked for about 8 years in NY, as a dog walker). But alas, she wouldn't give him I nabbed the groudhog. She excells at horse sculpters. I regret I did not take more photos of her work.

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