Thursday, October 2

bringing things into focus...

I have a project I have been working on for months. It is my second 100 Dresses project. Or I should say, it is The Hundred Dresses Projects second work in progress. I haven't been working on it for a while, because I got stumped at a certain point and just didn't know where to go with it.

Yesterday I went on a fact finding mission, in search of an answer. Good places for these fact finding missions for me are: Re-sale shops, Museums, antique shops, craft stores and nature. When I lived in Brooklyn I lived across the street from the worlds largest resale shop, called Domsies. It no longer exsits. But this place was a gold mine for ideas and artistic stimulation as well as crazy cool clothing (even if they were old and dirty). On one side of the huge building you could search the bins. Trucks would pull up to the loading dock and dump tons (literaly) of used clothes into cages and laundry bins. It was an agressive atmosphere, 3rd worldish. You really had to be tuff to fight for stuff out of the bins. I liked to go and see what kinds of colors attacted my eye, what patterns or textures. I thought of it like a work out for my artistic senciblities.

The other side of the store was set up like a typical Salvation Army, only much bigger and with way cooler stuff (the benifit of shopping on this side was the clothes were washed and hung on hanger, but they cost a bit more). Again, I didn't have to buy stuff, it was about zoneing in on what I really was attracted to. But I did have a colection of cool clothes as a side effect of these exercises.
Yesterday, I went to a big craft store, for my fact finding mission. What I can tell you is, things are less fuzzy, almost in focus, like the photo above, after my visit. I am going to work on the project today. Nothing to show yet, but progress is being made.

onward with a whisper..slowly creaping towards my goal...a solution to The 100 Dresses delema.

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