Thursday, August 21

globe update....

I began work on Globe 5 this week. I have been trying to squeeze as much studio time out of each day as I can, so I haven't been doing blog postings. I finally got my nerve up to paint in egg tempera. It is a very different medium than painting in oil. It is a much slower process, colors must be layered not blended. But I really like the idea of egg and pigment for the globes. It is much more 'green' for one thing. I do have this egg theme going, too. In fact in the last image, the rat is laying on an egg. I have eggs in most if not all the globes, although they are not prominent images in most. I love the softness of the egg surface. It feels velvety, smooth almost waxy. The colors are very translucent and really sing. I have a ways to go on this one, but I feel I have a good start.

I have to go pick the big head up from the airport later today...lets hope it is on time! I included an airplane in this globe..hmm, wonder where that came from?! as always...marching...Onward!


Anonymous said...

Hey, what about your readers. I have been waiting for a new entry for a while. Throw me a bone.

Anonymous said...

So, sorry! Let me tell you what is going on..first of all the big head filled up all the disk space on my computer and left town. So I was without my computer for a week. The Head is back and the computer fixed.
We have a lot going on in the next week..but I will do my best to get some updates posted...things are happening! I will hit the ground running very soon!