Tuesday, April 8

Bacon-boys and Birdmen

more hearts...
Not long ago a friend forwarded me, that awful video of the cows that made the rounds. It stopped me from eating meat. My reason was I was too freaked out to even view the video, so I have no business eating meat. In any case, I have eaten meat a few times since, but for the most part I am staying clear of it. Except that Mr. Eleven loves to eat meat. He loves bacon the most. Yesterday, as I was making bacon to feed the big Irish head, I saw faces. Not the smell that makes your mouth water. Not the sound that signifies morning. Not the crisp salty breakfast staple..I saw the who. The who that was frying in my black skillet..this is what it looked like.


Purl Scout said...

i feel you. i had a hippy teacher for 5th grade. we took a field trip to a "farm." when we got there, the slaughter was underway. he took us to a full-on german slaughterhouse. thank you, mr. moody. just what every child needs! memories that last a lifetime.

it is beyond funny that you call kevin the big irish head.

Anonymous said...

Yikes!..freakin hippies!..yet another reason to dislike them! That is so outrageous!
He could start the big Irish Head Society, with members Ted Kennedy and Rose O'Donnell!