Thursday, March 27

In the yard

I wasn't alone in the yard yesterday. It was hot out so the Green bean got to get some sun from her hammock perch.
Frankenstein's job is to keep an eye on her. He is very good at this. When she gets warmed up she gets active and wants to roam. If she pushes against the cage to try and get out, Frankenstein pushes his nose back from the outside. He keeps her in line! It is a tiring job.
She also gets time to roam in the collard green patch. Yesterday she hung out by the pond for a while. The Chug tries to strong arm her if she moves too far or fast. She is his flock and he herds her.
Truman's color get very intense after she has been in the sun for a while. A combination of turquoise, yellow greens and mauve grays. She loves to watch the birds and fish. She really comes to life out side. Before we moved here I don't think she had ever been outside.


sherriepie said...

I read a funny article about key west and their recent freezes. I guess when they get really cold, iguanas will go into a kind of hibernation. Anyway, concerned residents were dragging them into thaw, and then when they woke up, they didn't know what the hell to do w/em. 911 was inundated w/calls from little old ladies and dumb hippies.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!