Wednesday, December 26

Truman is in heat. It happens about once a year. She gets restless and roams the house looking for Lizards. I found her on Sunday straddling the heat register in her room. Since Frankenstein still feels he needs to jump on her and bite her head, she doesn't get to roam like she used to.
She has no indoors cage. She has a perch with a ramp, out of puppy paws reach. she never comes down because of our little monster. But her hormones have been compelling her to search. We had a few dog on lizard scrambles before I realized she was out sexing, or trying to. Now, I have the door closed to her room. Yesterday I found her on the bed, sunning. She likes soft blankets and the warming sunlight.
Frankenstein is now a teenager. His hormones are also on the rage. He wakes up and soon after, I hear his toes tapping on the wood floor. He looks at his rear end in shock as it starts doing the Humpty Dance. Thump-thump! He has spurts of crazed energy, erratic behavior and talks back, like all teens do.
Mr. Eleven is sick. He won't admit it but he is doing the DayQuil, NyQuil cocktail rotation. He is stuffy nosed and puffy faced. Way too sweet and nice to not be sick.
I just want to get back to Black Wonder Woman, in the studio. But for now, I am Nurse Tracey.


Judy said...

Horny lizards, oh my!!!! I also had a sick boy over the holidays. I'm more of a Nurse Ratched type than Florence Nightingale though.

Tracey St.Peter said...

I left my sick boy alone all day and I am not such a great nurse either.